My name’s Bobby, and I have an addiction . . . One that I imagine you share, if you’ve ended up here. I’ve been playing and running role playing games for over a decade now with a core of my closest friends. The Borderkeep is a blog where I produce the kinds of general tips and tools I wish I had access to when I was just starting out. I’ll write full character biographies once a month, fully detailed settings two or three times a month, and every once in a while, I’ll write a post on what I like to call “table craft,” by which I mean the actual act of running a game. If you’re new to the site, please feel free to browse and leave comments on any of my posts. I especially would love to see requests, and since this blog is so new, you can bet on me writing back! Thanks for checking out The Borderkeep, and please check out my parent site, The Borderlanders, and my partner blog, Tales from the Borderkeep!

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