Character Biography Three: Joven, the Court Wizard

Sorry I’m late this week, weddings and open houses and the like have all conspired lately to take me away from my favorite pastime! Congratulations to some very special friends in Georgia, you know who you are!

Without further ado, I give you Joven, the Court Wizard!

"welcome to my laboratory . . ."
“welcome to my laboratory . . .”

Joven was born into a world of compromises. His human mother, the wife of a wealthy merchant, procured the very best education money can buy for young Joven, only to be quiet and distant towards him. She showed her love the only way she could, but not in the way a young half-eleven boy needs. He was a constant reminder of the drow raid that occurred just under a year before he was born, a fact as well-known in his hometown as it was forbidden to be spoken of.

Above all else, young Joven craved acceptance. He was treated fairly, but coldly by his teachers, and even the man who took him on as apprentice was distant, fearing some metamorphosis that would bring the darker parts of his heritage to the surface.

"I'll always have my books . . ."
“I’ll always have my books . . .”

So it was that when a young noble swept through Joven’s small town, boasting of the excitement and adventure to be had on the road, Joven knew that he must prove his worth to this young man. Attempting to demonstrate his mastery over a newly learned spell, Joven accidentally charmed a locally beloved barmaid instead of a member of the noble’s retinue, causing the whole of twenty years of resentment and fear on the town’s part to bubble to the surface all at once. In the issuing brawl, Joven and the young noble became fast friends, and in the years to follow, he found the acceptance he had craved all along.

"The true power was love all along!"
“The true power was love all along!”

Now in his seventies, still in his prime by half-elven standards, Joven watches as his friend and mentor, the lord of the keep falls to the ravages of old age. He is fiercely loyal to the lord and his family, and will defend him to his dying breath. Joven has picked up some of the bardic skills in his life at court, and uses his abilities to soothe the lord in any way he can. He is secretive and mysterious, but has never lost his need for acceptance. Many nights, strange lights can be seen shining in the windows of his laboratory, and it is even rumored that he holds communion with a powerful spirit of the cold, granting him the ability to alter the very essence of some of his spells. Once a PC has proven him or herself to Joven, he is a steadfast ally, and a powerful mentor. He knows that his longtime friend’s days are no longer measured in decades, and as a result, he spends his time strengthening the various personal structures of the keep. A frozen death awaits the person who threatens his adoptive family.

"It'll be a cold day in hell . . ."
“It’ll be a cold day in hell . . .”

Posted hereafter are Joven’s stats. Please use him in your game and let me know how he worked out for you! As always, check out my partner blog, tales from the Borderkeep, and remember not to fall for the kobold pit trap! See you next week!




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